About Us

Welcome aboard with Main Street Travel!

In April of 1983, Main Street Travel opened its doors, launching a new standard of travel planning for the Monsey community

With his knack for taking a personal interest in each client, Mr. Benjamin Weber, the founder of Main Street Travel, has watched the agency flourish from a small family-style business into the full-service travel agency that it is today.

Although the travel industry has seen a drastic transformation in the last three decades, one detail that has not changed at Main Street Travel is our dedication to providing quality service and lowest fares. With the advent of electronic ticketing and technological advances, Main Street Travel went global, assisting clients from all over the world.

Our market has expanded to include additional products and services that make for a convenient one-stop agency servicing all possible travel needs.

Built on trust and a commitment to excellence, Main Street Travel ranks #1 in the travel industry.

Our Expertise & assistance does not end there.

Built on trust and a commitment to excellence,
Main Street Travel ranks #1 in the travel industry.

OUR PLEDGE Main Street Travel is fully staffed with a team of experienced agents interested in making the planning of your trip be as smooth and simple as possible. Our consultants specialize in various areas of travel so that you can receive customized service.
When you book with Main Street Travel, you can expect to receive great deals and be handled with patience, courtesy and appreciation.

WHAT WE SELL Main Street Travel’s expertise does not begin nor end with basic flight tickets, but extends to include a complete array of land arrangements.
From hotel and car rental reservations to cell phones, SIM cards, VIP airport concierge, GPS and MIFI sticks, Main Street Travel provides everything you may possibly need once you arrive at your destination. In addition, we recommend travel insurance plans to help protect you and your travel investment.
High sales volume to destinations such as Israel and Europe make it possible for Main Street Travel to carry super-low negotiated fares with many major carriers. These attractive fares benefit both retail clientele as well as a vast wholesale market.
The travel professionals at Main Street Travel pay ultimate attention to group travel and can guide groups of any size through the entire process.

WHEN WE ARE AVAILABLE Our dedicated agents are ready to service you throughout the day! In addition, we can be reached through our emergency extension 24/6 for after-hours asistance.
Hours of operation:
Monday through Thursday from 10:00am – 5:30pm
Friday from 10:00am – 2:00pm in the summer and 10:00am – 1:00pm in the winter
Sunday from 10:00am – 2:00pm

WHERE YOU CAN FIND US In January of 2013, Main Street Travel moved to a new and spacious facility. Now located at 20 Robert Pitt Drive, Suite 207 in Monsey, NY, we are ready more than ever to serve you better. Stop by for a visit!

COMMENTS/SUGGESTIONS As we constantly strive to improve our service to assist you even better, we welcome your feedback! Please let us know how we are doing. Visit the “CONTACT US” page.